the power in being podcast 

Known for authentic aesthetic, women advocacy, and being a content curator of substance, Shayla has spent the last three years in the customization field. 

Her business has grown from creating resources for women to helping women market their own brands under her custom jewelry brand. She puts her blend of artistry, design thinking, and opulence into every product or project that she produces. She's recognized by many for her creativity, use of spiritual gifts, and unique branding. 

As a jeweler, she is expanding her movement so that she helps the next woman build. Ironically, as women, we break 'chains', exceed expectations and rise above barriers. We gracefully slay every goal, milestone and even generation curses set against us with our 'name' above all. This movement is breaking societal chains, bringing women together in business by collaborating and setting new standards.  

the creator 

The vision is advocating for women using personalized jewelry. Supporting our brand is essentially supporting your own by marketing your brand name on a custom nameplate. Every room you walk into, you are always advocating for yourself and people notice details! 

SLAYISM.CO started with a purposeful vision and now has become a platform for others to continue expanding that vision. Customized jewelry exceeds customer's expectations every time. It brings a smile, and is a keepsake forever. This is the gift that really keeps on giving, thanks to this seed that was planted three years ago.